Sunday, July 3, 2016

Thousands upon thousands of stars

In April, I went on a weekend retreat with my fellow booklovers from the Outlander Fanatics of WA state fan club. Not only was it a whole lot of fun, I found myself journaling--writing again--and it's been a long time since I've done any writing at all.

I bought a new laptop yesterday so I'm hoping to change that. In the spirit of writing again, I want to share with you one of the journal entries from that trip.

Now I know why they call it a 'blanket' of stars. Living in the city, I can see two or three stars on a clear night. Here in the country, the stars come out en masse, thousands upon thousands of twinkling bulbs, some bright and some soft and all spectacular.

As I lay on my back, eyes wide to absorb as much of their beauty as I could take in, I realized that this tapestry of stars has always been there. Even in the city where the constant man-made light drowns them out, our pollution and selfishness snuffing the brilliance from our senses, the stars are still there.

The grass tickles my ear, the frogs provided an unending chorus as a soundtrack as God exclaimed in His overpoweringly still and silent way, "I've been here all along. You just don't always see me."

I saw each point of light as a contact, a time in my life when God was with me. Some brilliant and strong, the light intense and powerful, some a muted cluster of presence, so soft and faded that I could scarcely perceive them.

My life, start to finish, displayed on the backdrop of the sky, with thousands upon thousands of moments where God was there, is there, will be there.

And when I'm back at home in the city, gazing up at the one or two stars that have fought through the haze, I'll know the rest are there, hidden from view, but there all the same.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Outlander Sisters Unite!

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the Outlander Fanatics of WA State Craft Fair and Palooza event in Tacoma. There are talented, crafty women in the group!

I gave out tissue packets with the Aiden's Angels logo, since my books may make you cry!

My friend, Molly, Ringle, and I did an author panel at the event. I talked about the Between series and she discussed her Chrysomelia Series, of which Persephone's Orchard is the first book.

Molly with Amy White
Huge thanks to everyone who worked to make the event a success and especially to those who attended the panel. What fun to talk about books with folks who love Scotland like I do!

Amy Kirsch is awesome.

Wendy Nay rocks!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

It's Here! It's Here! It's Finally Here!

Nah, who wants to stay calm???

After a two-year wait, 
the final book in the Between series, 
is released TODAY!

Yes! It's so exciting!
All together now!
I can hardly believe today is the day!
It's like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one!

Oh, baby! This is the best day ever!

I can't stay still!

I have tears of joy that I can't contain.
But then I'm reading and all the bad stuff starts happening to Aiden and Lindsey.
What are you doing to Aiden MacRae???
You might cry a little, or be scared. No one is judging you.
I had to include this one because of Thor. LOL

And at the end, it's okay to take a picture and send it to everyone you know.

Because this is how you want to feel at the end of a book series!

Huge thanks to every single person who has stuck with me through this series, who has spread the love of Aiden MacRae. Aiden's Angels are the best and this series would not be possible without you. I love you guys!

Here are the links to grab a copy for yourself!

Print copy (signed)
Print copy (not signed)

 I hope you enjoy this final book in Aiden and Lindsey's story! *sniff*

Friday, March 6, 2015

Signed copies of Sacrifice of Greatest Price: Pre-order Now!

 Sacrifice of Greatest Price
After a two-year wait, it's almost time! Can you believe that we only have 22 more days until the release of Sacrifice of Greatest Price?? *flails*

If you want to be sure to get your hands on this book, to get a signed copy to complete your collection, you can now pre-order!

Delivery method
Ship To Address
Name you'd like on the book

I will order you a copy, personalize it to you (or if it's a gift, to someone else), and ship it to your address. Please note the drop down list for different shipping prices by country (all taxes are included in the price). Of course, the book will be available on March 28 in all ebook formats as well. Be sure to add Sacrifice of Greatest Price to your to-read shelf on Goodreads and enter the Between giveaway for yourself or a friend, too!

I am so excited to share this final book in the Between series with all of you. I hope you love it!

P.S. If you'd like to order personalized copies of any of the other books in the series, leave a comment below and a way for me to reach you, and I will connect with you on how to do so. Thanks!

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Cover Reveal is Finally Here!

Today is the day!

Oh, Aiden's Angels, you have all been so patient with me so you deserve a Valentine's Day treat! The final book in the Between series has taken two years to write, which I recognize is pure torture, given the way I left you all hanging at the end of Even In Darkness. Mwahahahaha... *rubs hands together in an evil hand sanitizer fashion*

BUT! You will be rewarded for your patience and for sticking with me all this time. The fourth and final book in the Between series is the longest one! It's twice as long as Even In Darkness. So even though you had to endure the grueling wait, you will get to enjoy a thick, meaty story once the book is published on March 28, 2015. << That's next month, people! Squee!

Well, with no more ado (even though I can't say for sure what an 'ado' is...), here is the cover and blurb of the final book, Sacrifice of Greatest Price!

 Sacrifice of Greatest Price

Three in one, forward and back
Here and gone, to deepest black
Silver blooms, swollen with child
Birth crimson globes, untethered wild
Life meets death where the sun meets the sea
Blood sacrifice, for you and for me.

It has all come down to this.

A prophecy, passed down through generations of MacRaes, tells of a blood sacrifice. A simple stone placed in an ancient dagger unleashes an army of hell transporters with glowing red eyes who have now come to exact that price.

In the epic finale of the Between series, Aiden and Lindsey will be tested in ways they could never have imagined. Visions of the past, from thousands of years ago when the Broch of Gurness in Orkney was whole, provide more questions than answers. But every secret will be revealed as the MacKinnons and MacRaes join forces to fight a battle they cannot hope to win.


Well, what do you think? Leave your comments below to share in the excitement! Did you notice that number of words in each book title corresponds to its place in the series? I can never remember the order of books in a series, so I've made it easy for you! One word = first book. Two words = second book, and so on. :)

I can't wait until March 28th when I get to share the rest of Aiden and Lindsey's story with you!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Finding Yummy Books in Unlikely Places

Yesterday, I was on my deck, watering the flowers in the planter boxes, and I got to thinking about how they are pampered and cared for, and how pretty their flowers are because of my attentions. My thoughts swung to those plants that don't get TLC and yet, do their best in spite of it.

I live in Washington state where we get a ton of rain. Blackberries grow along the road in wild thickets, even along the freeway where they are constantly enveloped in a fog of exhaust. And yet, these blackberry plants produce fruit. Sometimes big, fat, juicy, delicious fruit, though no one cares for them. No one prunes the vines, pulls the weeds, or waters them during dry spells. These blackberry plants are on their own. Most of their fruit dries on the vine, shrivels up, unpicked, unwanted. But for those brave souls who venture off the beaten path, some yummy fruit can be found for free.

Indie writers are much like these roadside blackberry bushes, striving to produce fruit even though few people will ever read our books. We are not pampered by publishers, cultivated and marketed by a team of paid professionals. More often than not, our books can't even be found in brick and mortar stores. Our fruit is hard to find and though it is often just as delicious, much of it remains on the vine, never having been picked, never seen, never tasted.

But for those adventurous souls who venture out, who dare to leave the supermarket fruit behind in search of something new, some exciting finds are waiting for you. Supermarket fruit is delicious, to be sure, but there's nothing quite like winding your hand through the brambles to take hold of that fat, juicy berry that would otherwise go to waste.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Favorite Writer Moments So Far

I've published three books and am about halfway through writing my fourth. This is a crazy, wonderful, stressful, exhilarating, and ridiculous journey I'm on, and I thought it would be good to take a moment to reflect on some of the best parts so far.

My Favorite Writer Moments (in no particular order):

  • The first time I held a printed copy of Between in my hands.
  • Getting glowing reviews on Goodreads from complete strangers.
  • Fan art based on my characters!
  • Receiving gifts from readers who fell in love with Lindsey and Aiden MacRae.
  • Friends telling me I've inspired them to write and asking me how to go about starting.
  • Meeting Aiden's Angels fan site creator Vicki Trask in person.
  • Being recognized at the RT conference by people I've connected with on Twitter.
  • Getting to the end of the third book, which I never thought I could write, and which is my favorite so far.
  • Seeing quotes from my books made into art, knowing they spoke to readers.
  • Hearing that my daughter bragged to her classmates that her mom is an author.
  • Having readers ask me when the next book is coming out because they can't wait to know what happens.
  • When my characters hijack a scene and take it someplace I didn't anticipate.
  • The Fake Scotsmen chats I've done with Jeri Smith-Ready featuring Aiden MacRae  from the Between series and Zachary Moore from the Shade series.
  • Wearing the Published Author banner on my name tag at the RT conference.
  • Having coffee with fellow authors and talking about the craft.
  • Getting reviews from readers who appreciated that I incorporated faith themes without being preachy.
  • When Aiden's Angels and KoomKey raised $700 so that the fan club prez could go to the RT conference.
  • Getting a t-shirt with the Aiden's Angels logo on it!
  • Shipping books outside of the US. Still boggles my mind that I have readers all over the world.
  • Visiting Scotland and seeing the setting of Aiden's story with my own eyes. Completely surreal.
What about you? If you're an author, what have been your favorite moments so far? If you would like to be an author, what are you most looking forward to in the journey?