Aiden's Angels

Aiden's Angels (#AidensAngels on Twitter) are uber-fans of the kilted hottie Aiden MacRae from the Between series. These magnificent people show their love of the Highlander in the most creative ways. I love them so much that they earned their very own page on my website!

So in addition to the Awesome Fans page where you can see photos of readers with the book(s), you can find awesome fan art here, too!

Here are some of the latest pieces from Aiden's Angels:
Love the tartan and the cap on this one from @Megunz21!

Our first book trailer for Between! How awesome is that? Thanks so much to Jamie Canosa for putting her creative skills to the test and coming up with this beautiful tribute to the book. Love!

Tiffany Bernardo was inspired to make a trailer as well, which amazes me! You rock, Tiffany!

Jamie Canosa put her mad skillz to work creating a book trailer for Hell Transporter as well. Thanks, Jamie!

From Pao Mtz Parente (love the wings!)

From Reading Angel who loves the Scottish Gaelic phrases in Between. She used all MacRae tartans (top row are the standard MacRae tartans, middle row has the hunting tartans, while the last row is red tartan, dress tartan, and ancient red tartan). I wouldn't mind seeing Aiden MacRae in any of them!

Jessica Baker declares her love  for the kilted Scot and  we know just how she feels!

Thanks to Lindsay Rae Cox from the Violet Hour Book Reviews for the official Aiden's Angels logo above. She also made this rockin' banner:
And on top of all that, Lindsay hooked us up with a Cafe Press site where you can order Aiden's Angels merchandise including mugs, shot glasses, t-shirts and ereader covers. How awesome is that???

Lisa from the Cold Moon Violet Blog has her own spin on showing love for Aiden MacRae. Check out these beautiful My Little Ponies made especially for Aiden and Lindsey!
The little music notes for Lindsey are my fave. Love, love, love!

Victoria Trask from Twitter put together this amazeballs tribute (so freaking awesome!):

If you can't get enough of Aiden MacRae, put your mad skillz to the test and send me your fan art (photos, banners, book trailers- go wild!). I'll post it here and link back to you!

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  1. Some very talented Angels there! Well done all