Saturday, August 21, 2010

We All Scream For... a $20 gift card!

This blog is called Love Stories, so let me tell you a little story about some things I love:

1) Pampering. I just bought a mani/pedi gift card at Bliss Spa for 50% off through Groupon. My friend Karin told me about Groupon, which is a free service that emails you rockin' local coupons every day. Check it out if you aren't already hooked up:

2) A good book. Mmmm... there's nothing better than curling up with a good book (unless it's curling up with a good book and occasionally glancing down at your newly painted toenails- see number 1).

3) Ice cream! I am a lifetime fan of the creamy cold stuff. So let's add a little (but too little) bowl of ice cream to this love story, shall we?

4) Winning stuff! Now we're really talking my love language. Painted toes- check. Romantic tome- check. Sweet frozen fabulousness in a bowl- check. AND I win money? Ok, sign me up.

In the off chance that you are like me, welcome to my very first contest! All you have to do is leave a comment telling me your favorite ice cream flavors and your least favorites. Feel free to go on and on (we don't mind) since this contest is really all about you.

"But Vanna, what do I win???" you ask... How about a $20 Amazon gift card to buy that book you've been pining for? Yes, you read that right. The easiest $20 bucks you ever scored.

You don't have to be a follower of the blog, or tweet this, or post it on Facebook, or feature it on your own blog since I don't have the time (or energy) to keep track of all that. Of course, please do all those things anyway, but we'll just go on the honor system and say that you did. I will, however, sweeten the deal if you happen to be a follower of the blog at the time I do the drawing.

Blog followers, should their name be chosen in the drawing, will win $25 instead of $20. Oooooh!

I'll kick this puppy off with my own likes and dislikes:

Cold Stone Creamery Founder's Favorite
Haagen Dazs Coffee and almond ice cream bars
Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby and Cinnamon Buns
Any old kind of Peppermint or Oreo Cookie

Rocky Road (cold marshmallows don't do it for me)
Anything with lots of coconut
Peach flavored ice cream
Chocolate and fruit together (love them separately, but not mixed- ewww)

The record for the most number of comments on a post is 15 so far. I think we can do better than that. Don't you? I'll draw a name on Monday night at 8pm PST and contact the winner directly.

So now it's your turn. What are your faves and least faves in the cold case? And feel free to send me a pic of you with painted toes, a book and some ice cream should you be the lucky winner (that includes Ted and Kurt- ha!).


  1. How odd. I'm sitting here fantasizing about a big cone of ice cream and see a link to *this*. Obviously I'll be running out for some ice cream after this. Not complaining in the least!

    I'm kind of boring about my ice cream flavor preferences. I like butterscotch ripple, chocolate, and vanilla if its buried under a pile of Hershey's syrup and Reddi Whip.

    Dislikes? Anything with real fruit. I'm anti-fruit. I believe ice cream should not attract anything with accidental health benefits. Also anything coffee flavored. Blech.

  2. Love:
    Ben & Jerry's Half Baked
    Ben & Jerry's Boston Cream Pie
    Cookie dough
    Berries, but not with chocolate

    Nuts (except butter pecan or pralines)

  3. PST? What, you're going to do math? Draw a name at 9pm PDT? ;-)

    Tillamook Chocolate Peanut Butter
    Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia
    Any really good French Vanilla
    Tillamook Oregon Strawberry

    Cookie Dough
    Maple Nut (does anyone under the age of 80 like this? why is it still being made?)

  4. Love -
    Rocky Road made with macademia nuts
    any ice cream made with macademia nuts
    Moose tracks ice cream - LOVE those mini reeses cups.
    Oh! And haagen dazs used to have a Brown Sugar ice cream, salty sweet, love it but can't find it...

    Hate -
    Fruit and ice cream do not go together.

  5. Bring it on!!!:
    Abbott's Black Raspberry Frozen Custard (Only in Upstate, NY)
    Abbott's Black Raspberry Frozen Custard
    Ben & Jerry's Heath Coffee Crunch
    Abbott's Black Raspberry Frozen Custard
    Abbott's Vanilla Gumbo Frozen Custard
    Abbott's Black Raspberry Frozen Custard
    Breyer's Black Raspberry Chocolate (but I can't find it anywhere)
    Did I mention Abbott's Black Raspberry Frozen Custard?

    Rocky Road
    Most any chocolate based ice cream
    Cookie Dough
    Any fruit flavored ice cream that tastes fake.
    Cheap junk ice cream. If I'm going to put the calories on, it must be premium stuff.

    Soo (the phantom follower)

    P.S. Wednesday ice cream is where?

  6. There are not so many ice cream flavors over here that I have already tasted, but my super favorite is mint with chocolate chips, strawberry and a special species of hog-plum from Brazil flavor. :) I just HATE coconut, peanuts and nutty ice cream flavor!

    raila.soares at gmail dot com

  7. I love butter pecan, strawberry and neopolitan.
    I dislike coconut and cookie dough.

  8. Love:
    Ben & Jerry's Phish Food
    Ben & Jerry's Colbert Nation
    Choco Taco's!
    Bruster's Graham Central Station

    Snow Cream yuck
    Moose Track's
    Anything with coconut :/

    And even though it's not required I am following you now, just because you seem cool and I want to read your stuff. :)
    Here's my email:

  9. Looove:Phish Food
    Anything with brownie or oreos :P

    Hate: dairy queen. blah. gross no no.

    Ari :P

  10. Love: Rocky Road (sorry!), strawberry cheesecake, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, pineapple

    Hate: chocolate chip, cookie dough, some others that I haven't even tried but look terrible to me

  11. My favorites: Nociola, Chocolate, Lemon Pie, Brownie, and coconut!

    I don't like: anything with liquor, or raisins...yuck!


  12. I LOVE: bubblegum, goody goody gum drops, cookie dough, black forest... oh yum now I'm craving

    I dislike: rum and raisin, maple and walnut, anything to fruity (icecream isn't supposed to be HEALTHY!)

  13. Thanks!
    like: reeses, vanilla, dark chocolate

    dilike: lemon

  14. LOVE:
    Kemps Mint Chocolate Chip
    Kemps Java Chunk
    Coldstone Birthday Cake w/ Sprinkles (gotta have the sprinkles!!)

    Rocky Road
    Anything fake cherry flavored

    Thanks for the contest!! :)

  15. Don't know that I've ever had a flavour of ice cream I didn't like, but I tend to stay away from anything neon.

    vanilla (yes, really)
    rum and raisin
    Haagen Dazs caramel crunch thing that doesn't seem to exist anymore


  16. Favorites:
    cherry (Cherry Garcia or just black cherry)
    pretty much anything with gelato consistency

    Least favorite:
    Super sugary kinds, like cotton candy or birthday cake

  17. Love: Mint Chocolate Chip
    Strawberry Cheesecake with Heath Bar topping
    Chocolate with M&Ms
    (Do you notice a trend?)

    Yuck: Anything coffee flavored
    Cookie dough
    Bubble gum

  18. Divine:
    Peanut Butter
    Mint Chocolate chip
    Vanilla (seriously, it's probably my very fave)
    Haagan Dazs coffee
    Ben & Jerry's banana split & chubby hubby
    Blue Bell's cookies & cream & pecan praline

    Anything with a chocolate base
    Cookie dough. Especially cookie dough.

    ... that's about it. Though, I totally prefer soft serve over traditional ice cream any day of the week.


  19. Ice cream is one of my favorite sweet things. We seem to be exact opposites when it comes to our likes and dislikes though!

    I love:

    Butter Pecan
    Ben & Jerry Peach(just had that tonight)
    Birthday Cake
    Ben & Jerry Oatmeal Cookie
    Ben & Jerry Americone

    Can't Stand:

    chocolate (usually)
    Cherry Vanilla


  20. Love: Strawberry, anything with chocolate, and One Sweet Whirled by Ben & Jerry's, which they sadly don't make anymore :(

    Yuck: Banana flavoring (though banana splits and chucks of real banana are AWESOME), those weird chucks of cherry, bubblegum (or anything else sugary like cotton candy, etc.), cake batter

    But pretty much any ice cream is OK, and I'll eat it if you put it in front of me. I'm kind of a fat kid.

    email: heather(dot)trese(at)gmail(dot)com

  21. I love ice cream! Here are some of my faves:


    Italian Gelato, any flavor

    Breyers Heath Bar Ice Cream (LOVE those yummy pieces of crunchy toffee/chocolate candies)

    Stone Ridge Chocolate Chocolate truffle

    Hagen Dazs Vanilla Swiss Almond Vanilla

    Hagen Dazs Creme Brulee

    Ben & Jerry Dulce

    Almost any Mint Choc Chip

    Lemon or Orange sherbet

    Least favorite: anything with peanut butter or marshmallow

  22. Mmmm. My favourite ice-cream is Bailey's flavoured; I can't remember the brand (possibly Gourmet Ice-Cream Company?) but you can buy tiny pottles of it at the Fortune Theatre in my town. So delish. Near the top are everything from Penguino's in Nelson, including but not limited to their honey and lavender, chilli chocolate, and pistachio.

    I have yet to meet an ice-cream I haven't enjoyed ^_^


  23. Love chocolate mint chip, double chocolate, chocolate fudge and vanilla with chocolate sauce (you know the brown runny stuff on top of a soft-serve)Any brand.
    Do not like anything with marshmallows or cherry flavouring - real cherries are great, but the flavouring stuff- ugh.
    plip on Autho

  24. There is only one fave for me, Baxters "Death by Chocolate" Creamy chocolate, with big chocolate chunks, and veins of chocolate sauce swirling through. Mmmmmmm

    My least fav is also a Baxters Ice cream. "Moon Glow. Imagine fluorescent purple, day glow pink, and radioactive yellow icecream, with balls of frozen BUBBLEGUM mixed in, in case you still have any teeth. I mean, those colors don't exist in nature. They don't even exist in my wildest nightmares. The most frightening thing I have seen is a hyper kid with those colors smeared around his face, and all over his clothes. Good luck getting those stains out Mom :-)

  25. Love: Cold Stone Creamery's Cake Batter with raspberries and almonds mixed in. I also have great memories of making homemade ice cream. Adding the salt and ice while the motor ground. Licking the paddle at the end. Hate: anything with chunks of cherries in it. Oh, and I actually like McDonald's hot fudge sundaes, but that's probably not even ice cream at all.

  26. omg, laura, there's bubblegum flavored ice cream? GAG!

    Others I dislike:
    -anything with that fake peanut butter in it.
    -ice cream that is freezer burned.
    -chocolate. ick.

    -Those real fruit popsicles. The lime ones are TO DIE FOR.
    -sherbet of any kind.
    -SUPERMAN! (and if you add in some creamy peanut butter... YUMMM!)
    -Edy's Girl Scout Samoa... Freaking YUM!

  27. Love: Mint Choc Chip and Choc Chip Cookie Dough. Hate: Anything with fruit. Or neon colors. ; )

  28. My latest love -- and I think it's actually sorbet -- is Blackberry Cabernet. Ooh, la, la! Delish! Refreshing! Love it!

    My all-time favorite ice cream has to be Sticky Chewy Chocolate from the now defunct Swenson's Ice Cream Parlors. Yes, I lie in bed and night, sobbing hopelessly, for just one more spoonful of it. Sniff, sniff, waaaah!

    Dislikes? Anything with nuts, anything crunchy. I like my ice cream smooth and creamy and preferably chocolaty. Well, unless it's Blackberry Cabernet, of course!


  29. Love all things butter pecan
    Hate really cheap vanilla ... it taste like cardboard!

  30. Curling up with a book and some ice cream glancing down at newly painted toes. Yup, that is the life.

    So, my ice cream.
    I LOVE: just about anything by Ben & Jerry's, but especially Carmel Hat Trick, New York Super Fudge Chunk, and Chunky Monkey.

    Not so fond of: that funky Italian ice cream that's green and has bits of pistachio in it. Also, anything that tastes like chemicals instead of creamy goodness.

    (And for what it's worth, I am following :)).

  31. LOVE: Haagen Dazs Coffee, Caramel De Leche and Creme Brulee

    Immensely Dislike: ANYTHING with chocolate in it (as I am allergic)!

  32. Loooove: Ben and Jerry's-Black Raspberry Frozen Yogurt, Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream

    I'm lactose intolerant so I can only enjoy a spoonful every now and then. *woe* Although the FroYo seems to be a little okay with me. I'm also gluten intolerant so The Americone Dream must be enjoyed very sparingly. Oh the pain for such pleasure!

    Detest: Anything with bright food colorings, they give me massive migraines. -_- Anything bitter tasting like extreme coffee flavors.

    Twitter handle: @dazedpuckbunny :)

  33. I love:

    cookie dough and oreo and butter pecan. YUM

    bubble gum and mint

  34. Oh man, now you've got me craving ice-cream! Bad idea, since I've got exactly 2 ice-cream shops and about 4 frozen-yogurt places in walking distance!

    Favorite flavors: Coffee...Chocolate-chip Cookie Dough...Mint Chocolate chip

    Least favorite: Chocolate and all those "double/triple/fudgy/etc" nonsense :P I've probably just made myself a lot of enemies right there, hahaha. But I'm not a fan of chocolate flavored things.

  35. haha!! Yay! I get a special mention :) I feel all famous you!

    Well, not being a girl (despite what people say about me) I'm not massively into ice cream, but I do like a bit of Cookie Dough now and then. Raspberry ripple deserves a mention to. Do they have raspberry ripple in America?

    My least favourite, I'd have to say yellow snow hahaha!!