Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fraidy Cats!

YA author extraordinaire Elana Johnson's debut novel Possession comes six days after mine. I guess that makes us release sisters! Squee!

She had an awesome blog post last week called Tell A Big Fat Lie Tuesday where she talked about how negative reviews are No. Big. Deal. They just roll off her back, right?

Okay, not so much true. But still! I was totally there with her about how we have to plug our ears and move on.

Elana and I have both been working on blog tours and interviews. My plan for the release of Between is to have all the reviews and posts hit at once, starting June 1. Elana's reviews have been coming in pre-release to build buzz that way. Either way, we're both biting our fingernails, waiting for the big day and knowing there will be some negative mixed in with the (hopefully overwhelming flood of) positive.

What do you do when you're nervous about something? Any tips for keeping the stomach acid down? Share!


  1. I wanted people to be good and sick of me by June. Ha!

    And I eat sour patch kids. That keeps the bile down. Sadly, I am out. :(

  2. Cyndi and Elana, I'm right there with you both :)

    I try my best to keep from biting my finger nails! Ha!

    1. Keep away from chocolate!
    2. Read a book!
    3. Keep away from chocolate!

    The Magic of Finkleton

  3. I am so printing out that picture and hanging it my bulletin board as a reminder of what to do when the next bad review comes down the pipe! The good news about bad reviews is that do get easier to bear with time and practice. Once you realize art is subjective and everyone will view a book a little differently - regardless of its intrinsic worth - it becomes easier to accept that just because someone gives it a bad review, that doesn't meant the book is any less good than it was *before* the review.

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  5. Had to delete my first comment because I can't spell. LOL. Or type. But what I really wanted to say was: I think your optimism and determination is inspiring, Cyndi. Best of luck to you and your career. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Much appreciated.

  6. That small voice inside as well as your will and desire that has propelled you this far has served you well. As you confront those who may say you’re not good enough, keep your own counsel. There will also be good energy coming your way. Accept both with gratitude, but hold closer that which matches your own heart.