Saturday, February 25, 2012

Get Hell Transporter NOW!

Hell Transporter comes out in mid-to-late March, which is coming up soon. But not soon enough for some.

Some people want Hell Transporter NOW NOW NOW.

And I love those people!

So if you can't possibly wait to spend some quality time with Aiden MacRae, I've got a special deal for you.

Pre-order a personalized paperback copy of Hell Transporter on my website (right-hand column) and I will email you a PDF of Hell Transporter NOW.

That way, you can slake your thirst for the hunky Highlander and then enjoy him all over again when the paperback copies are in.

This is my way of saying thank you to Aiden's Angels, those beautiful fans who spread the love and are a constant source of encouragement to me.

You want it now? You got it!


  1. Done! (except I ordered both since I only have Between on e-book and I want a matched set :)
    Thanks Cyndi! I have Hell Transporter on my list of 12 second books that I'm going to read in March.

  2. Me Too!! Ordered both!!!! ♥ Between and Hell Transporter needs to be on my book shelf not just in my nook :P

  3. Thanks so much, ladies! I sent the pdf copy of Hell Transporter to you. Enjoy some quality time with Aiden MacRae! :)


  4. How long will this deal last? I have to wait for my check :-/

  5. Shellie- I'll offer the free PDF with the pre-order until the book is published (which I estimate to be around the middle of March).