Saturday, August 3, 2013

Final Day of the Even In Darkness Tour *sniffle*

You know, they say that all good things must come to an end. Robert the Bruce's heart came to an end and is buried under this marker that I photographed in Scotland. How creepy is that???

Well, while Even In Darkness does have some creepy moments (duh duh duh....), this tour has been full of fun and silliness as Aiden's Angels got together to show their love for the uber-hot Scot that is Aiden MacRae!

We have FOUR blogs wrapping up the tour today, so please stop by and leave them some comment loving.

8/3: Read Between the Lines
8/3: A Rebel’s Journey
8/3: Color me GREYsessed!
8/3: Ink-Stained Life

And in case you're late to the party, never fear! I've listed links below to all the rest of the participating blogs throughout the tour. Interviews, playlists, marriage proposals, a death defying writing process, reviews, a hilarious vlog--you name it, we've done it!

7/28: Violet Hour Book Reviews
7/28: Refreshingly Riki

7/29: Aiden’s Angels fan site
7/29: What the Cat Read
7/29: Confessions of a Book Addict

7/30: Jamie Canosa
7/30: Tales of Books and Bands
7/30: Pinky Pollock

7/31: Just a Booklover
7/31: Molly Ringle
7/31: Book Groupies

8/1: I’d So Rather Be Reading
8/1: Mermaid with a Book

8/2: Reading Angel
8/2: Paperback Cowgirl
8/2: Carrie Secor

And huge thanks to for their support of the Between series and Aiden's Angels in particular. Their generosity in providing cash prizes to fans of the series just blows me away. If you haven't submitted your piece for the tour, today is the last day!

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