Sunday, September 23, 2012

Aiden's Angels has a Fan Site!

Every author dreams of having readers who love their characters so much that they just can't get enough. I'm beyond tickled to announce that thanks to the hard work and passion of Vicki Trask, Aiden's Angels now have their own fan site where you can connect over your love for the hot Scot Aiden MacRae!

*bounces around the living room like a baby kitten*

Aiden is one busy reaper, people, with a Twitter account and a Facebook page. On top of that, the angels have their own merchandise page and Goodreads group!

Huge thanks to Vicki and all of you for spreading the word about the Between series to your friends and social networks. It's because of you that I'm feverishly working on the third book now.

Oh, and speaking of the third book, the fan site also has all of the teasers in one place, so be sure to check it out in case you've missed any!