Sunday, March 18, 2012

Between on Daily Cheap Reads tomorrow! Woot!

Great news! Between is going to be featured on Junior Daily Cheap Reads on Monday, March 19 (starting at 2:45pm Central). Then it's going to pop up on UK Daily Cheap Reads the next day!

Daily Cheap Reads is one of the most influential sites that drive Kindle sales of indie authors!

I'm stoked!

Big thanks to Paula at DCR for getting extra exposure for Between. Hopefully lots of new readers will get to know and love Aiden MacRae! 

Because as we all know...

P.S. If you haven't already heard, Hell Transporter is out now so grab a copy for yourself!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hell Transporter is PUBLISHED!

The day I've been waiting for has finally arrived! 

Yep, yep, it's totally true, I'm not fibbing.


I am so so so so so so so so so so so excited! (I thought I'd go with that instead of overdoing the exclamation points 'cuz I'm wild that way). 

If you want an ebook, you can get one in any format from Smashwords.
If you want a print book, you can order one from Createspace or from me (upper right corner).

If you pre-ordered a print book (or two), I will be getting the shipment from Createspace by Friday, March 23 (hopefully sooner, but that's the commit date). I will get them signed, sealed, and shipped off to everyone the day after I receive them, along with Aiden's Angels swag!

Additional retailers (including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, etc) will come on board over the next couple of weeks as the files are processed and loaded. I can't give you exact dates on those, but rest assured that soon, you'll be able to buy Hell Transporter from all the outlets where Between is currently sold.

**Update: The Kindle version is now available on Amazon!**
A huge thanks to Aiden's Angels who have been so excited about the release of the sequel. You guys bring me so much joy! *hug*

Now go and spread the word that Aiden MacRae is back!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just for Aiden's Angels

I can't get enough of the awesome people who call themselves Aiden's Angels, so I had to dedicate a special page just for them. Check out the fan art from these readers who love the kilted Highlander as much as I do!

From Lisa at the Cold Moon Violet Blog, My Little Pony versions of Aiden and Lindsey! The tartan on Aiden is the ancient MacRae pattern, which is a great choice since he's 300 years old. :) And I love the music notes on Lindsey, too!

Show your passion for Aiden MacRae and I'll post your creative expression on the page.

Need some inspiration? Here's one of my fave kilted pics, definitely worth posting again. :P

I love you, peeps! *hugs*