Monday, April 30, 2012

Aiden's Birthday is Tomorrow!

It's not every day that a guy turns 313 years old, so I think Aiden MacRae deserves something special for his birthday, May 1st. I asked a few of Aiden's Angels for some ideas and here's what they said:

- The Angels could take pictures of themselves holding up letters that spell out "Happy Birthday Aiden" and any additional messages they'd like to send the hot Scot.

- The Angels could write mini stories or poems about how they feel about Aiden.

- We could do a scheduled chat with the yummy Highlander at a specified time (would have to be in the evening, Pacific time).

- We could all eat haggis. (Okay, no, I am vetoing that one. LOL)

What do you think? How can we make birthday number 313 one he'll never forget?

Friday, April 27, 2012

You did it! A Scene Just for Aiden's Angels

As part of the Aiden's Angels giveaway, I promised to write and post a scene from Aiden's point of view if the total entries reached 750. And you did it! I'm awed and humbled by the awesome group of readers who love Aiden MacRae and the Between series like I do.

So while the giveaway is going on until the end of the month, here is the scene I promised. It takes place in Between after Lindsey and Aiden return home from the ball in Versailles.

After settling Lindsey into the feather bed, I trace my thumb across her cheek to tuck a stray curl behind her ear. Her lips still bear a slight swelling from our kisses earlier at the palace where her boldness had surprised and delighted me. I’m seized by a mad urge to crawl into the bed and join her, but her sleepy eyes hold that impulse at bay.
“Sweet dreams, mo chridhe. I’ll be here when you wake. I promise you that much.” After pressing a light kiss to her forehead, I tear my gaze away and cross the room to the pallet I’d cast for myself beneath the window. I’ve never minded making my bed upon the ground before, but I can feel her eyes watching me, the weight of them like warm hands upon my skin. I turn away to hide the effect her presence has on my body, and struggle for a moment over how to best retire for the night.
 Normally, I’d discard my kilt and strip down to my sark. The shirt comes almost to my knees—certainly long enough to maintain modesty in most circumstances. But with Lindsey mere feet away in naught but a thin shift, my desire would be far too evident were I to lie on the ground in only my sark. Still, I cannot take my rest fully clothed or she may ask about it, dissolving the restraint I’ve only barely got hold of.
Instead, I remove my sporran, dirk and shoes, then lower myself to the pallet and pull the sark off over my head. The slight intake of breath from across the room that accompanies the baring of my flesh sends a spike of need through me. Aye, keeping the kilt in place was indeed the right choice. I swallow hard.
With my eyes closed, I listen to her breathing as it eventually becomes slow and even. Just when I expect a gentle snore to signal the depths of her sleep, an unexpected sound floats across the room.
Curious, I sit up and peer at the bed, but I’m not able to see properly, so I get to my feet. The breathy, guttural sound of Lindsey’s humming vibrates in the stillness of the moonlit room. I recognize the waltz played by the orchestra at the ball. Suddenly, her arms fling out wide to either side and she twists in the bed, sending the blankets cascading to the floor.
She’s dancing in her sleep.
Mesmerized, I watch her, taking shallow breaths myself lest I break her trance. Her lips curve up in a delicious smile and my heart clenches at the sight. My tongue passes silently over my own lips, longing to taste her again, to feel her mouth move against mine.
“Aiden...” She breathes my name, though her eyes remain closed.
I can’t help myself. I take a chance. “I’m here, love,” I reply and hold my breath, waiting.
Her dreamy smile grows. “Dance with me, silly. What are you doing clear over there?” Her fingertips twitch as though she’s beckoning me across the hall into her arms. Kneeling at her bedside, I lower my hand into hers until our palms touch. Heat from her skin travels up my arm and curls around my neck. A groan escapes my lips before I can catch myself.
She stills and for a moment, I fear the spell is broken, that my thoughtless sound was enough to disturb her. But then she curls into a ball on one side and tucks my hand close to her heart. The humming resumes and I breathe again, painfully aware of my fingertips nestled between her breasts.
Lifetimes pass as I watch her reliving our dance at the ball in her dreams. My prayers are unceasing and repetitive, an aching plea for mercy.
Sighing, she settles deeper into the mattress. “Don’t leave me, Aiden. Stay,” she says, the words a velvet blade to my soul.
“I promise, my love. I promise.” A hot tear lands on my outstretched arm between us, the first of many I know will come when she is torn from me at last.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A book trailer for Hell Transporter!

Wow, Jamie Canosa has done it again! Check out the book trailer she put together for Hell Transporter:

Great job, Jamie! If you missed the book trailers that she and Tiffany Bernardo made for Between, be sure to check out the Aiden's Angels page.

I am so impressed by you guys. Seriously, I have no video skills whatsoever, so thank you for contributing your talents to the celebration of Aiden MacRae!

It won't be long now before Aiden's Angels hit 750 entries on the giveaway and earn that scene from Aiden's point of view. I'm excited to share the scene with all of you!

Monday, April 23, 2012

A book trailer for Between!

I have been wowed and amazed by the love from Aiden's Angels as the fan pics and art come pouring in for the giveaway. You guys are incredible!

*crazy massive group hug*

Here's one I am just giddy to share with you: a book trailer for Between by the fabulous Jamie Canosa. Way to go, Jamie! I think you captured the spirit of the book perfectly.

Keep those entries pouring in! We're going to hit the goal of 750 by the end of the month, I'm sure of it, and you know what that means: I'll write a scene from Aiden MacRae's point of view, just for you!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Giveaway Just for Aiden's Angels!

Aiden's Angels are readers who love Aiden MacRae and the Between series. I love these people to distraction so I thought a special giveaway was in order to celebrate their extreme awesomeness!

One of the greatest feats of Aiden's Angels to date was in the YA Book Genre Battle. We were down by 80 votes and had less than 12 hours to rally the troops to cinch the victory. Not only did Aiden's Angels come through, but we blasted through that round with votes to spare. Sadly, the event itself was cancelled thereafter due to the blogger's personal life (which I totally understand), but I've never been more proud of Aiden's Angels than I was that night.

So here's another chance for you to share your passion for the hot Scot!

We've concocted 101 ways for you to gain entry points (okay, well, close to that) so even if you're not a blogger, you can use your social network and your creativity to work towards the prize!

And what, pray tell, is up for grabs?

TWO Angels will win a personalized paperback copy of Between or Hell Transporter. If you already have these on your bookshelf, you can gift the prize to a friend!

TWO Angels will win an item of their choice from the Aiden's Angels gift store (coffee mug, shot glass, t-shirt, etc!).

And last but not least...

If the overall entries for this giveaway reach 750, I will write a scene from Aiden's POV just for you. I haven't even written this scene yet, but I love you guys so much that I wanted to give you all something special for spreading the word about Between. And I couldn't think of anything you'd like better than more Aiden!

Many thanks to the lovely Nancy Scuri (Aiden's Angel extraordinaire) from Ink-Stained Life who volunteered to help with this event! Mwah! *kiss* It's because of her brilliance that we have our very own email address now, too!

AidensAngels atttt yahoo dawt com

If you can think of ways to earn points for spreading the love that I have not already figured into the giveaway, we want to hear about it! Send an email to the above address.

The contest runs through the end of April, so get cracking if you'd like to read that scene from Aiden's POV! Post the giveaway widget to your blog to earn extra entries!

And just for inspiration to get you started...
If the Rafflecopter giveaway does not display below, click "Read More" to pull it up.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Casting Aiden MacRae! Pick Your Hottie Scottie!

Okay, admit it, if you've read Between, you've probably wondered who might play Aiden MacRae if the book were ever made into a movie.

*pausing a moment to dream of such a glorious day*

*blissful sigh*

Okay, so just because Hollywood isn't calling me (yet), that doesn't mean we can't get things started and do some casting of our own in advance! I'm sure the future director will thank us.

I asked around and got suggestions from Aiden's Angels, and have compiled the preliminary choices for you here (in alphabetical order by first name):

Alex Pettyfer

Chris Hemsworth

Kellan Lutz

Paul Walker

Sam Worthington

Charlie Hunnam

Josh Holloway

What do you think??? Love em? Hate em? Have a better suggestion? Tell me all about it in the comments! This assumes, of course, that all of these hunky actors could pull off a Scottish accent. They could all rock a kilt, I'd wager. hehe

Oh, and if you know some big wigs in Hollywood, feel free to share your  love of Aiden MacRae with them!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Between Book Three!

Okay, so I know it's April Fool's Day and all (also known as International Don't Believe Anything You Read on the Internet Day), but I am not one to go with the masses. I like to do things my own way.

So I am going to tell you big news that is absolutely true.

There will be a third book in the Between series.

Eeeep! I know! So exciting!!

When I first started writing, I just kept going until the story was out. I wrote everything in one huge book and then ending up having to cut it into two (Between and Hell Transporter). I thought that was the end. I didn't have anything more in mind.

And then a couple of weeks ago, a new idea started taking shape and now I am completely hooked. I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to pull it off, but I've already started writing (three chapters down, as a matter of fact)!

I write extremely slowly, so book three won't be out for a long time, but at least now you know, I'm working on it.

Oh, and the picture (besides being all kinds of slurptastic) is a model named Duncan MacRae. Aiden's older brother was named Duncan. Just sayin'.