Monday, July 12, 2010

So You Think You Can- Articulate?

I set the DVR to record So You Think You Can Dance each week so that I can buzz through the commercials and most of the recap show. Last night, I was watching the episode where Alex Wong takes on a Broadway number that is supposed to be reminiscent of Bob Fosse (I know, I know... I'm behind!). I can't say I've ever watched Bob Fosse dance, but I thought he did a smokin' job.

Mia Michaels didn't agree with me. She was looking for something more "eeee", more "sssss", more "internal" and "sinewy". I don't know about you, but I have no idea what the heck she's talking about, and I'm pretty sure no one else did, either. She was hunching her shoulders, squinching up her face and making claws of her hands, as if that would give us a better idea of the emotion she was trying to convey.

It didn't.

The trouble is, when you're trying to get a point across, when you're trying to communicate your ideas, you have to be articulate. And it's not easy! Good writers make it look easy. When I read a good book, the words don't get in the way. I float along on a sea of black and white, oblivious to the author's precision and care in painting the ocean. I see what I'm meant to see when a writer is articulate.

I'm sure it can be taught (to some degree at least), and I highly recommend Mia take some classes on the art of providing feedback so she can bring her A game as a judge. 'Cuz right now, I find her critiques... well... a little 'ffff' and 'gggg', and not nearly 'mmmm' enough for me.


  1. At least she's not shouting about the "Tamale train" every five minutes! Haha, but I agree with you. It's a wonder how some of these people get their jobs.

  2. Ha! I do love tamales, but Mary Murphy I can do without. Too funny!


  3. I don't watch this show. I can't put any input in! Bummer.:(

    Like Dust in the Wind...

  4. LOL! I haven't seen it in a couple of seasons, but Mary's voice always grated and yes, Mia has some difficulty with her description. Probably why she's a dancer (and contemporary, at that), not a writer. :-D Watching and listening to her reminds me of trying to figure out an abstract painting, which I've never been good at.

    Great post!

  5. Great post! I have a very difficult time with this and it's truly frustrating sometimes.
    My daughter and I use to have long discussions about various subjects and that kept me on my toes. After she moved out things changed. I have conversations with my husband and friends, but not like the ones I used to have with my daughter. Dang I miss that girl! Now I have the hardest time expressing my thoughts verbally. If I were to judge that show I would be just like Mia! Ha!

    Keep up the great posting!

  6. Hah! I've never watched the show, but your last line made me laugh out loud. :)

    (Capcha = acidsitz Sounds like something you need Preparation H for!)