Friday, July 23, 2010

A Treadmill-Worthy Book!

I hate exercise. Passionately. Still, there is a commonly-held belief that it has some health benefits and therefore is a worthy pursuit. But I still hate it.

So when I'm exercising, I need a fantastic book to distract myself from the torture I'm inflicting on my poor body. A Treadmill-Worthy Book is worth its weight in gold and when I find one, I like to tell all my friends (that would be you!).

Millie's Fling by Jill Mansell
The quote on the cover of this book says you won't want to do anything else until you're done reading it, and I concur! I chewed through this novel and loved every minute of it. Mansell's writing style reminds me of Sophie Kinsella, but not quite so over-the-top. As the main character, Millie was believable and fun, though I honestly enjoyed the subplots just as much as the love interest for Millie!

I know that most reviews tell you what happens in a book. I also know you can look that up for yourself. I'd rather tell you that I loved this book because it was engaging, kept me guessing, had characters I could relate to and cared about, and it made me laugh. No, not just that. It made me smirk, giggle, gasp, clap and forego other enjoyable activities. It was truly a 5 star book, and I rarely give those out.

Millie's Fling was just what I needed to keep my mind off the self-inflicted punishment of the treadmill (even though I'm jealous of Jill Mansell's ability to make it look so easy to write)! Thanks, Jill. You rock!

Go out and get a copy!


  1. I'm not a fan of exercising, either.It's good that you found a way to get through it!