Friday, January 14, 2011

Anna and the French Kiss- 5 stars!

Anna and the French Kiss is such a wonderful, easy read that I tore through it in one day. It's one of the best Young Adult books I've ever read, and I am terribly green with envy at the amazing voice Stephanie Perkins projects in her writing.

The book is not about plot, but instead focuses heavily on character development. Anna's father sends her to Paris for her senior year of high school, where she meets a fabulous guy who already has a girlfriend. Angst ensues.

Really, that's the main gist of the plot and if it weren't for Ms. Perkins' talented pen, I don't think there would be much to love. But I did love it. SO HARD. And here's why:

The characters (Anna and her four friends) were so real, so well fleshed out, that I enjoyed spending time with them. They could be going to the movies, browsing through a bookstore, hanging out at the cafeteria at school... it didn't matter. I wanted to hang out with them.

She drew each one with quirks, with individual traits that made you feel like you were really getting to know them. No character was a cookie-cutter model or archetype. Their reactions were genuine as they danced around each other in words and emotions, trying to come together while preserving pride and worrying too much (like all teens do) about what someone else might think.

I loved watching Anna and Etienne fall for one another and tentatively make their way across the chasm of potential rejection. Anna's thoughts and reactions were often laugh-out-loud funny, mostly because I remember being just like that.

Stephanie Perkins, my hat is off to you. Well done! Bravo! *cheers*

You make me want to be a better writer.


  1. This is @MEAndersFit from Twitter. I liked your book dissection of the story. I am very much drawn to characters' possessing originality and depth. These books encourage us to hone our character profiling. :)

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  3. I'm afraid we could never get you on the New York best sellers list, as you want. However, we have been reading you a bit.

    Please check out our site below and respond if you are interested. We have already read the first three chapters and are interested in seeing more.

  4. I tore through this one too.
    The ONLY think I didn't like is that I felt like Etienne would have yelled back to her that he DID IN FACT break up with his girl. he could have been mad and hurt and still ignored her, but it felt out of character that he didn't. ALSO - Anna tells him she needs to straighten one thing out with her friend, she does, but she doesn't get together with him right after? They're still in silent mode? That threw me off, too. But I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED the rest of it. Her internal dialogue in their first kiss still makes me laugh. SUCH a fun character.

  5. Thanks for following me and I LOVE your resolutions! (below) Way to dream big! :)