Monday, February 7, 2011

The Seven Deadly Sins: Check, Check and Check!

On Wednesday nights, I have a small group that meets at church and watches movies. Last week, we finished watching Bedazzled (the original English version with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore). It's a funny movie about a guy who makes a deal with the devil to get the girl of his dreams.

The devil's employees are the seven deadly sins (in the order I remember from the movie):

- Anger
- Sloth
- Vanity
- Lust
- Greed
- Gluttony
- Envy

While the movie is very tongue-in-cheek (and quite enjoyable), the truth is that these seven sins are exceedingly hard to shake. The very day after we finished the movie, I checked each one off as I struggled with it throughout the day. Hit all seven in one day, I did! Sheesh...

In my writing life, Envy is probably the one that attacks me the most. While I am extraordinarily blessed six ways from Sunday, I still find it in my heart to want the success that other people have. I want an agent to call and tell me my book is so incredibly awesome that she stayed up all night to finish it. I want an editor to be so passionate about my writing that she finagles a fabulous advance and multi-book contract for me. I want fans to be moved to laughter, tears and joy while reading, then tell their friends how awesome the book is. I want Twitter and the blogosphere to be humming with the news of my awesome success. And I am astounded by my ability to be both happy for, and terribly jealous of, writers who reach this level.

Wow, what a great big fat head I have! *blushes*

So, there. I have flung off the covers and exposed my naked envy to you. And that's only ONE of the seven! Yep, I am definitely sinful beyond redemption (thank you, Jesus and you know what for!). I would completely understand if you ran away screaming.

*waits, looks around*

Still here? Great! Welcome to the club. Today's goal is to only hit six of the seven. Hey, you have to start somewhere! *grin*

What's your biggest struggle (writing or otherwise)?


  1. Pensees, relax,

    I don't hear envy in what you just said, I hear a voice that wants to be loved, admired, and appreciated. WE all want that, but I don't believe it's envy.

    We work hours, weeks, months, and years on our craft. Why shouldn't we want that.

    You are not a witch casting spells and wishing ill will to anyone. You want to your share. You've earned it... We all have.

    DO you seethe with anger? Do you curse, throw things, pound your husband? I hope not...

    Don't feel bad. It's human.

    Keep at it. Patience and perseverance will get you there. You write wonderfully. I remember your entry for my blogfest and I picked it for a finalist.

    Remember you're not alone.


  2. I also want those things so Gideon must be right, we're all human. Another one I battle with is sloth. I procrastinate so much, you won't believe.

  3. I would say evny but I'm sure I struggle with most of these. LOL.

  4. @Michael- You're such a sweetie! Remind me to pop over to your blog whenever I'm feeling bad about myself, to tap into your kindness. And yes, I sometimes swear but I don't pound on my hubby. He's a sweetie like you. :)

    @Myne- Sloth is a big one for me, too. I talk about writing a lot more than I actually do it!

    @Beth- As Michael said, we're not alone. Thank heavens for that, eh? *grin*


  5. During labor with my first child, the nurse suggested I try the shower to help alleviate pain. I did, but then got right out when I realized it was going to ruin my hair! Vanity never hurt anyone, I say!

  6. @Mary- I wish you could hear me laughing my head off. That's hilarious!!


  7. It doesn't sound like "envy" to me, either. It sounds like every writer's dream, including mine! Welcome to the club!

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