Thursday, April 12, 2012

Casting Aiden MacRae! Pick Your Hottie Scottie!

Okay, admit it, if you've read Between, you've probably wondered who might play Aiden MacRae if the book were ever made into a movie.

*pausing a moment to dream of such a glorious day*

*blissful sigh*

Okay, so just because Hollywood isn't calling me (yet), that doesn't mean we can't get things started and do some casting of our own in advance! I'm sure the future director will thank us.

I asked around and got suggestions from Aiden's Angels, and have compiled the preliminary choices for you here (in alphabetical order by first name):

Alex Pettyfer

Chris Hemsworth

Kellan Lutz

Paul Walker

Sam Worthington

Charlie Hunnam

Josh Holloway

What do you think??? Love em? Hate em? Have a better suggestion? Tell me all about it in the comments! This assumes, of course, that all of these hunky actors could pull off a Scottish accent. They could all rock a kilt, I'd wager. hehe

Oh, and if you know some big wigs in Hollywood, feel free to share your  love of Aiden MacRae with them!


  1. Umm I want Chris and Kellan and Paul lol

  2. Umm I want Chris and Kellan and Paul lol

  3. Chris for me - but obviously would depend on who can speak with the best scottish accent ;-) Love josh too - but think he's prob a little old now for Aiden - yummy choices though :-)

  4. I loved Lost, therefore Josh is my choice. He's gorgeous! Although, Kellen is super hawt, as well as Chris. Alex is very handsome. Gosh, I'm all over the place. They're all nice.

  5. Josh gets my vote too! He's the perfect fit, IMO.

  6. I'd have to say Chris Hemsworth is the closest to the Aiden I see in my head. Then again who could say no to Thor? LOL ;)

  7. I would have to go with Alex Pettyfer!! although I do love Paul Walker!

  8. Of those listed, I would choose Kellan Lutz. Of those *not* listed, I would choose Henry Cavill. :)

  9. I love Chris but that Josh Holloway is the closest to what I pictured =]


  10. Charlie or Josh. What happened to the flowing locks?