Monday, April 30, 2012

Aiden's Birthday is Tomorrow!

It's not every day that a guy turns 313 years old, so I think Aiden MacRae deserves something special for his birthday, May 1st. I asked a few of Aiden's Angels for some ideas and here's what they said:

- The Angels could take pictures of themselves holding up letters that spell out "Happy Birthday Aiden" and any additional messages they'd like to send the hot Scot.

- The Angels could write mini stories or poems about how they feel about Aiden.

- We could do a scheduled chat with the yummy Highlander at a specified time (would have to be in the evening, Pacific time).

- We could all eat haggis. (Okay, no, I am vetoing that one. LOL)

What do you think? How can we make birthday number 313 one he'll never forget?

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  1. Claire Huggy recommended this cake:!/clairehuggy/status/197072424003584001/photo/1

    Too funny!