Saturday, May 28, 2011

In Loving Memory

Each of us has a definite number of days on this earth. Some wonderful people ended up with far too few. Since it's Memorial Day weekend and Between is set to launch on June 1, I wanted to take a moment to flesh out the dedication of the book.

Ryan Tefft
You were the first to welcome me to the Tefft family. Mischievous, with an infectious laugh and a charisma that drew people in, you were an immediate friend and ally. You always made me feel special, just by being in your presence.

My son bears your name (along with your loving yet stubborn nature) in honor of the boy you were and the man you never got to be. You are still loved and remembered by many.

Lisa Surdyk
The two of us were yin and yang, your quiet and thoughtful demeanor a perfect complement to my outspoken and impulsive personality. Our friendship was deep and intense from the beginning because we knew that time was short. We didn't waste a second, you and I.

Days before the end, I sat beside you on your bed and told you that I'd decided to dedicate the book to you. You cried and said no one had ever done something like that for you before. Now I can say, "We did it, Lisa!" You told me I could and you were right. I should have known.

Jamie Schlecht Knapp
When I look at your photo, I still can't believe you're gone. You were bigger than life: your sparkling green eyes and perfect white teeth, your smile that lit up a room, the laugh that couldn't be contained. You prankster, you unapologetic wild thing, you loving and warm friend, how could you ever really leave me? You didn't. You're always there, tucked in my heart, safe and sound.

Lindsey's song for Aiden was actually written for you. Saying "I miss you" doesn't scratch the surface and I can't wait to see you again. What a party that will be!


  1. Thank you, Cyndi. Lisa loved you so very much, and she'd absolutely be first-in-line at your book signing.

  2. I grew up with Ryan and his brothers. His mom babysat me, and we all went to the same church. Funny I just stumbled upon this beautiful tribute to him. He was definitely unforgettable, and taken before he ever really got to live. R.I.P. Ryan.