Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Finally! A (steamy) Teaser From Hell Transporter

I promised my awesome friends on Twitter that I'd post a teaser from Hell Transporter (the sequel to Between) when I reached 2200 followers. Finding a mostly-spoiler-free snippet was harder than I thought it would be since there are some plot twist doozies in Between that I didn't want to give away.

So there have been some redacted sentences to keep from spilling any beans.

Teaser from Hell Transporter

At the crack of noon, I snuck out of bed and threw on Aiden's linen shirt, which hung to my knees. Sunlight painted the log walls of the cabin's loft bedroom with an ethereal glow. I held my breath as I stood watching him sleep, like if I were to make the tiniest noise, the spell would be broken.

            My eyes traveled over his body: the sheets curled over one hip, his bare chest dusted with blond curls, his lips slightly parted. His jaw was starting to show some darkened stubble and my fingers ached to touch the wiry hairs on his chin, needing to hold on and not let go, to not let him out of my sight.

            He rolled onto one side and blinked sleepily at me, his lips curving into a smile that melted me down to my toes.

            "Where are ye going, lass?" he asked, his voice playful, but still husky with sleep. "Do you mean to sneak off with my clothes so that I have to chase you about the house in the altogether?"

            Loving the way his tongue curled around the r in his words, I giggled at the thought of him streaking through the house after me. I'd meant to bring him breakfast in bed, but his idea sounded like more fun. His kilt lie discarded on the floor, next to his dirk, belt, and sporran. With a wicked grin, I snatched up the kilt and made a run for the stairs. The bedsprings protested loudly as Aiden leapt off the mattress and bolted after me. A squeal escaped my lips as I raced down the steps, my heart pounding with the anticipation of being caught.

             A second later, my feet left the ground as he grabbed me around the waist and picked me up from behind. He twisted us around in the skinny stairwell and pressed me against the wall. Clutching the kilt between us, I tried to keep a straight face but the closeness of his naked body made my words come out in a stutter.

            "Oh, d-did you want this?" I asked with wide eyes, the picture of innocence. He shook his head and a dimple appeared on one cheek as he pinned me with his smile.

            "Nae. I want you," he said and kissed me.

            The green and black plaid fabric fluttered to the ground as I reached up to wrap my arms around him. He caught my wrists and pinned them above my head with one hand.

            Aha! Now you’re all mine. I heard his words in my head as clearly as if he’d spoken them out loud.

            I always was. I replied in my mind and he bent down to kiss me again. When he let go of my wrists, I wound my fingers through his hair, pulling him even closer. His hands were everywhere and before I knew it, he’d taken back his linen shirt as well until we were standing skin to skin in the stairwell, breathing hard.

Well, what did you think? I hope you're as excited for the sequel as I am!

If you haven't read Between yet, the ebook version is on sale through the end of August for only 99 cents. Hurry!


  1. So good, Cyndi! I'm beyond excited to read this book now!!

  2. OMG!!! Me heart is all a flutter ;) I'm not longer TeamKilt, I'm now TeamKiltless :D

    Can't wait for book 2!!! Thanks for the awesome teaser Cindi!!!!

  3. Im joining Reading Angel's Team Kiltless.

  4. GOOD GOD, WOMAN! Are you trying to kill me?! I need this book. ASAP. =)

  5. Oh my, I think that just made me feel embarrassed LOL!! :-[ :)

  6. Tee hee, I giggled. It's interesting that they can still hear each other even though they're both human. Or is Aiden just special?