Friday, December 3, 2010

Bare It and Share It

So if you read my last post, you know The Epic Fail that has been my writing journey to date. I won't lie; it is hard to reveal that. It's much easier to stay silent and pretend that all is well, that the big break is just around the corner. But in keeping misery to ourselves, we lose the opportunity to support one another.

Some other writers I follow have been doing some soul-sharing of their own recently:

Natalie Whipple declares 2010 the Year of Suck (you MUST read all the comments, too!)

Beth Revis discloses her permanent state of jealousy

Kiersten White talks about the pressures once you're published

Romance Magicians blogs about losing focus and the Blank Screen

Ted Cross wonders whether he should be writing for the market instead of his passion

I applaud all of these brave authors for putting the truth out there, for baring and sharing not just their highs, but especially their lows. Because we've all been down before, drowning in a pool of suckiness and damn-it-all-I-hate-this misery. When writers throw life preservers to one another at times like these, beautiful things happen (as evidenced by the comments on Natalie's blog post and this one, too).


  1. I guess I haven't been coming by enough, I don't know your story! Will be better at stalking you from now on!

  2. Hi,

    Every writer, pubbed or unpubbed, has a cross to bear though few are willing to bare their cross in public.

    It's said, (see my lit agent piece on blog)that whiners are frowned upon by editors and lit agents: one is expected at all times to have an upbeat attitude even when sliding down a steep slope backwards not knowing when your feet will hit rock bottom. All very well for them, and when they say it breaks their hearts every time they send out a rejection slip, yeah, like it hurts real-time! For them it's a commercial and financial decision of go with new voices, and to hell with ones that have been their bread & butter for years, and most, in reality are too afraid to go for untried untested new talent. They would rather re-invent a familiar face several times - multiple pseudonym authors - and get them writing for several genre or the same genre new name. It's an icky business is publishing!


  3. Oh this definitely looks like an interesting blog. I've starred it in my Twitter favorites. Keep up the great literary topics! :)


  4. Brilliant! We love soul-baring, and in my genre- baring in general!! But bare souls are generally more attractive that most other bare things. :)

    Yes, writers should share their stories! It's a tough business. We might as well support each other. And the journey definitely does not get easier with publication. Just a whole 'nother set of stresses!

  5. I love the passion that so many bring to all of these comments. There are a lot of things going on in the publishing world, and each feels it differently. How do new writers feel, coming into the market when all the rules are being rewritten? You showcase some great blogs. Very nice.

    Hopefully, you check mine out,

    Draven Ames

  6. If we wasn't such passionate people, I doubt we would even be writers. Top of the world one day, bottom of the barrel the next :)

    The secret to success is to never give up on your dream.