Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Get ready to go "Awwww..."

My sister-in-law sent me an adorable Christmas eCard that I had to share with my writing friends!

Warning: This video contains material of Serious Cuteness which may cause the softening of your features, a dreamy expression, wrinkles from smiling, and overall swooning. Please consult your physician before watching this video if you suffer from a condition that might be exacerbated by the above-mentioned side effects.


  1. That is soooo cute!! It made me laugh. Thanks for sharing!

    Enjoy this holiday season, and all the best to you and your family!

  2. Super cute!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. The warning was almost as a cute as the card! Thanks for sharing. Hope your Christmas is marvelous.

  4. That card was sooo cute...:)

    Then I watched the dog eat a chocolate cookie.

    Okay, so a dog couldn't actually do all that stuff in the movie anyhow, but they should have made it a vanilla cookie. Chocolate kills.

    Here you have a nice ecard and I just said chocolate kills. I'm sorry! It was a very nice card though overall. I thought at first it would be a baby when you said get ready to 'awwww'. Puppy was even cuter.^^

  5. Mel- No worries. I am sure that if they invested that much time into training the dog, they would make sure to bake him a special carob chip cookie. ;)