Saturday, December 11, 2010

Harry Potter Fan Fiction

The blog "In Time" is having a Harry Potter fan fiction blogfest and asked HP fans who blog to write a short piece based on the characters, set during Christmas or Thanksgiving. Sounded like fun, so here's my scene (note that we had to write ourselves in as a character- not the easiest task!):

Ginny Weasley lay in bed on Christmas morning with Harry sleeping beside her, his light snoring the only sound in the sparsely furnished room. She glanced at the clock on the wall, at the images of her family members, their location firmly set to Home. All but one. Fred’s image no longer graced the clock. A wave of grief rolled over her at the loss of her older brother, but she set her jaw tight, fighting back the tears that threatened. Christmas was supposed to be filled with joy and she had much to be thankful for. She placed her hand over her stomach, the flutter of the child in her belly chasing away her melancholy thoughts.
She rolled onto one side and brushed her fingertip over the lightning-shaped scar on Harry’s forehead. He blinked sleepily at her and she felt the familiar tug in her heart that had been there since they’d first met.

“Happy Christmas,” he said. She kissed him and replied in kind.

He stretched and retrieved his wand from the nightstand. “Accio Ginny’s gift,” he said to the door, which snapped open at his command. A brightly wrapped parcel came winging toward his face and he caught it with one hand as the door slammed closed, then handed it to his wife with an uncertain smile.

She unwrapped the present, instantly recognizing the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes logo. Her chest clutched at the sight. When she pulled the string that dangled from the box, a life size hologram of her twin brothers, Fred and George, stood at the foot of the bed, dressed in Santa suits complete with pillow-stuffed bellies and red velvet hats.

“Happy Christmas from the Weasleys!” they chimed before Fred let go a loud whiff of air from his backside, which turned into flurry of snowflakes that swirled throughout the room like they were in the center of a snowglobe.

Ginny laughed as a tear slid down her cheek. “Idiots,” she muttered, her tone filled with love and longing. Harry squeezed her hand.

“I miss him, too,” he said, pulling her close. She buried her face in his chest and cried.

I could feel her emotions and desperately wanted to reach out to her, to assure her that the land beyond was a great joke shop filled with laughter and zaniness. I pressed a light kiss to the top of her head and she sat up, wiping her eyes. She squinted and reached out an unsteady hand as if she knew I were there.

With a wave of my hand, the snowflakes gathered to form the words "Happy Christmas Ginny! Love, Fred" before I slipped out of the room and on to my own Christmas celebration.


  1. What a creative exercise and I thought you did a fabulous job! I enjoy your blog and I've given you The Versatile Blogger award to prove it. Pop over to my blog to read about it!

  2. Nice twist at the end with Fred's POV. A very hopeful and beautiful tale.

  3. Oh well done. Beautifully written. Worth a teary smile!


  4. That is just wonderful. Very touching and heartwarming. :O)

  5. So sweet - I love Ginny and Harry :)

  6. Oh! You made me cry! What a great PoV to do that from! Fred on the next great adventure! This was beautiful!

  7. This is touching beyond belief! You did a FANTASTIC job here.

  8. I actually teared up here. Man. I wasn't expecting that. The snowflake flatulence is so Fred and George and balanced out the sense of loss with humor.
    That was excellent on every level.

  9. Nice to meet you. Such a sentimental story. Great job.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

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  11. Let's try this again,

    Just when I thought I had my selections narrowed down, I read your entry. This was a very beautifully written story. I love when a writer can make me laugh and cry. Laughter through tears is a great emotion.

    What else can I say. I loved the sensitively portrayed scene with Ginny and her thoughts.

    Harry's gift to her. The gift itself.... so Fred and George.

    And the end with a fantastic twist.

    I'm all choked up. Thank you for entering. These entries made it the success and pleasure of this blogfest and I am a humbled host.


  12. Ditto everyone's comments here. This was sweet, sad, and hilarious at the same time. Excellent job! I so loved Fred's snow flurry. Well done! :D

  13. Wow, that made me teary. The Weasleys are the best, even in the afterlife. :)

  14. Aww... what a lovely job you've done. Very heartfelt. Just loved it.

  15. Thanks to all of you for your comments! This was my first blogfest and my first fan fic effort, and I had a fantastic time!


  16. Really, what a wonderful piece. Fantabulous, I say!

  17. Anything that can give me a bit more of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World is fine by me!