Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A day to throw back and it hasn't even started yet

This is how my morning has gone:

4am- Son wakes me up to tell me he doesn't have his pajamas on. This, of course, I already knew since I put him to bed in his street clothes last night after he had a humongous meltdown at the dinner table.

5am- After tossing and turning for an hour, I fall asleep.

5:15am- I'm awakened by the screeching yowl of cats having sex outside the window.

6:00am- The alarm goes off an hour earlier than usual, since I have a breakfast seminar downtown. I hit the snooze twice then drag my weary carcass into the shower.

6:30am- I get dressed in nice clothes (instead of the normal jeans and tennies that I wear to work each day), only to discover that I have no dress shoes. I gave hubby the ok to pack them for our move in two weeks. Get undressed. Put nice clothes away. Put on jeans and tennies.

6:45am- Grab my book and head to the car. Remember on the way there that I still need to look up directions to the high rise where the seminar is being held. Sit at desk, scribble notes from the computer.

7:10am- Get off the freeway into downtown. Can't find the building. Every high rise looks exactly the same and none are marked with the address. Spied the building once as I passed by, but was unable to slow down due to the crush of traffic. Can't find the parking garage. Circle around downtown for half an hour. Scream and swear at my windshield. Finally give up.

7:40am- Drive to work, park in the garage and realize that I left my book on the desk so I have nothing to read at lunch. Have meltdown of my own and consider going to bed in my street clothes.

7:45am- Type up blog post for therapy so you can all feel my pain.


  1. Sounds terrible, Cyndi. hahahahh. Hope you're day gets better, and your writing has helped.

  2. Update: My hubby drove my book to my work so I could read it at lunch. Thanks, babe! That helps!