Saturday, March 19, 2011

Who's reading young adult anyway?

I have long wondered what the young adult readership demographic looks like, whether YA books are read more by teens or adults. Apparently, I am not alone in musing about that topic! Goodreads has put together an awesome analysis (with charts!) showing the ages of their members who have marked certain YA books as "read."

You might be surprised!


  1. I absolutely LOVE YA! It's all I read (besides MG for the kids and research for my MS) :D

  2. I am as old as dirt and I like YA much better than the books I am "supposed" to be reading :) I feel like YA stories are purer in a sense. The story is clean and crisp. All the junk they put into books for "my age" is refreshingly missing.

    You have a pure story in "Between" and I personally cannot wait to buy the book!

  3. I'm way past my teens and I much prefer YA books.