Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fake Ninja Movie Title Contest- Vote Now!

Fake Movie Posters

Holy Smoking Ninjas, Batman! The entries for this contest were so awesome, I nearly choked while reading some of the titles you guys came up with. Hilarious!

Because you all made me laugh so hard, I've decided to have two separate polls: one with titles that sound like they could be real movies (and therefore are contenders for inclusion in Hell Transporter), and another with the funniest titles.

Vote for your favorite(s) in each category. I'll leave the polls open through Tuesday, December 20th at 9pm Pacific. The titles with the most votes will win a special prize (not telling what it is until then)!

Thanks to all of you for your enthusiasm and creativity. You made this SO MUCH FUN!!

And now for the funny ones...


  1. OK So I voted in funniest but then saw "Don't Make Me Get My Ninja" and broke out into a coughing/laughing fit and nearly died. SOOO FUNNY!

  2. Why thank you Marissa, I actually took that one from a known WoW video. Look for Don't Make Me Get My Main on youtube.

  3. Thanks to everyone who entered! The winners were (as voted on my blog readers):
    Funniest: Confessions of a Middle Aged Ninja
    Best: The Last Ninja

    The winners have been notified and "The Last Ninja" will be mentioned in Hell Transporter, as I promised!

    Thanks again to everyone who joined in on the fun!


  4. Oh no...I can't believe I missed the poll. :( But I'm hella excited that I won!! :) Thank you so much xx <3 <3