Saturday, December 31, 2011

OCBBD: My Disease

Well, it's official. My name is Cyndi Tefft and I have a disease. And incurable one. And an expensive one to boot.

I have OCBBD: Obsessive Compulsive Book Buying Disorder.

Fortunately, my husband is a big time enabler who finally decided that the books I had wedged in every nook and cranny of the household needed a real home. So looky what I got for Christmas!

Bookshelves! *cue the joyous music*

Since I'm a good wife, I allowed him a small section of the bookshelf for his books (see the teeny pile in the bottom left). This is not unlike our bedroom closet. All the rest is for me. Mwahahahaha!

He gave me the gift with a note that says "Consider this a challenge." Does he love me or what?


And, as part of my 12-step program, I should probably note that I bought three (no, four if I count the ebook, too-rats!) books from before I wrote this blog post.

See what I mean? OCBBD is a disease and I gots it baaaaaaaad. I'm guessing maybe some of you have it as well. We should form a support group and meet up at, um, say, the bookstore? :)


  1. I have it BAD. My excuse is, "This is the genre I want to be published in so I HAVE TO read all the things so I know what's out there!"

    So far, he buys it.

    Our shelves are overflowing and my Nook already has something like 25 books on it.

    And I *still* don't have all the ones I want.

  2. I have the same disease *lays back of hand across forehead* it is so hard to live with!
    Even more disconcerting is that my shelves look eerily similar to yours, all the way down to the thick black books on the second shelf.
    We will have to form a support group.

  3. My shelves have been stuffed full for two decades. God bless ebooks. They're self contained.

  4. I think mine might be worse. I have an entire ROOM dedicated to my books, AND over 400 ebooks on my Kindle. Sad.. I know...Best part is, I've read 95% of what I own. Many of the books and ebooks I have are either free (ebooks), given to me from someone, bought with gift cards or picked up at used book stores. So... my pocket isn't hurting TOO bad.

  5. The bookstore huh... That sounds a bit counter-productive... :)

    Congratulations on the gift though. I often have a hard time keeping all my books in order on the bookshelf I have.

  6. I have it tooooooooooo!!!!
    My Kindle does not help.