Friday, December 9, 2011

Name That Movie! A Contest

My friend, Tim Surdyk, has a running joke with me about how he doesn't understand how the ninjas fit into Between. There are, of course, no ninjas in the book. He just says that to tease me.

And in his honor, I am going to include the word "ninja" in Hell Transporter. And you get to help me!

In Hell Transporter, there's a scene where the characters are trying to decide which movie to watch. They rattle off a few titles (that I made up) and one of them is going to have "ninja" in the title.

Here's where you come in (and the contest)!

Leave your recommendation(s) in the comments for a fake movie title with "ninja" in it. After I've received a collection of suggestions, I'll put them in a poll for peeps to vote on! The reader whose movie title wins will receive a special Christmas prize from me (and know that their movie title is in the book). How awesome is that? *grin*

Be sure to leave your email address in the comments section so I can get a hold of you if you win!

Now, go crazy!


  1. 'Confessions of a Middle Aged Ninja.' Lol.

    claroxide AT yahoo DOT co DOT in


  2. Oops e-mail is

  3. Ninjapocalypse
    Ninja Sharks VI: Ninjadiles
    Behind the Ninja Mask
    The Playboy Ninja's Secret Ninja Baby
    Ninjas vs. Aliens
    Ninjas vs. Everything
    Zombie Ninjas

  4. Ninjas vs. the Haunted Castle

  5. One more.
    That's Ninjatainment

  6. Oh yeah.

  7. Walking With Ninjas
    Ninja Say Something?
    So You Think You Can Ninja?
    Forever Ninja
    The Ninja Butt Brigade
    Stolen Hearts, Ninja Desires

  8. Dropping in to share my title. I hope you laugh and blush and then laugh again <3

    Kilted Ninja's Show-All



  9. I'm back... I wanted to give you a few minutes to laugh at that one, lol.

    Seriously, I have a few suggestions:

    Kilted Ninjas
    Scots vs. Ninjas
    Ninja's Angels
    Bag-piping with Ninjas
    To Kill A Ninja
    Ninja's Take Hollywood
    Fallen Ninjas

    ---I can keep going ;-)


  10. Hmmm... I suppose it could go something like this:

    Hey, what about that new Sci-fi one?
    Which one? The Kevin Spacey or the Owen Wilson one?
    Owen Wilson.
    Nah, I don't feel like watching 'Robot Ninja-Monkey's From Space'

    Hey, it could happen... Ha ha ha haaa

  11. The Ninja Warlord
    Ninjas and Demons
    Ninja Number One!
    The Ninja Nanny
    Numerous Ninjas
    Scotland's Ninjas
    Nasty Ninjas
    The Ninja Factor (The X Factor parody LOL)
    Narcissistic Ninjas
    Ninjas in Outerspace
    The Battle of the Ninjas
    Ninjas in Wonderland
    Ninja Wars
    My Neighbour's/Girlfriend's/[insert whoever you want here] a Ninja

    That's all I can think about now! I'll see if I can cook up some more later - this is soooo fun! :D

    ~ Sherlyn (;

  12. Ninja B Good
    Ninjas B Trippin'
    How to Lose a Ninja in 10 Days

  13. More from me again!

    Ninja Vacation
    The 500 Year-Old Ninja
    The Ninja's Grandma
    Mama Ninja!
    Nin-jar and Nin-mug [LOL]
    Ninja Millionaire
    The Return of the Ninja(s)
    Ninjas at the Museum
    101 Ninjas
    Around the World with 80 Ninjas [originally Around the Ninja in 80 Days...courtesy of my lil' sister (; ]
    Snow White and her 7 Ninjas [??]
    Ninja Impossible IV
    The Ninjas Must Be Crazy
    Goldilocks and The 3 Ninjas [again, by my sister XD]
    The 3 Little Ninjas
    Ninja Mania
    Mr Ninja's Holiday
    The Ninja and his Teddy Bear
    The Soul of the Ninja
    James and the Giant Ninja [what happened to the Peach??]

    And my ultimate fave: The 12 Dancing Ninjas !!!

    Oh, what fun! That's 21 titles altogether, if I'm not wrong. Even if I don't win this thing, I'll still be grateful for all the laughs this has brought about. My family was ROFLing so hard, we couldn't stop! Obviously the ones like Show White and Goldilocks were my sister's doing, but again I must hand it to my parents who did like almost 50% of THIS list.

  14. Oh and one more: The Last Ninja (;

  15. Wow that's a lot of suggestions already!
    How about
    Ninja Transporter
    The Scottish Ninja
    Loving a Ninja
    Ninja's Forever
    Reaping Ninja
    Ninja's Retribution
    Ninja in Hell
    The Ninja who loves/loved kilts

    Ah, that's about it.
    Used up all my brain cells :P
    Hope you can find a good one!

  16. The Golden Age of Ninja

    pherlaithiel (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. The Sixth Ninja
    The Ninja from Hell
    Shadow Ninja's Lover
    The Ninja Strikes Back
    The Dark Ninja
    Light Ninja vs Dark Ninja
    The Moon's Ninja
    Ninja of the Stars
    The Crazy Ninja

    taiyouryu AT gmail DOT com

  18. 10: The Fantastic Ninja
    11: The Ninja Who Served
    12: Ninja of the Sun
    13: The Diabetic Ninja
    14: Ninja Wars
    15: Ninja's Alive (title parody on a lesser known 90's cartoon)
    16: The Dumbest Ninja (LOL!)
    17: The Ninja who Shagged me (LMAO!)
    18: 24 Ninja
    19: The Fae Ninja
    20: Wolf and Ninja
    21: Irish Ninja
    22: Sumo Ninja
    23: Ninja Wallflower
    24: Black Rose Ninja
    25: Alibaba and the 40 Ninja
    26: Ninja from Outer Space
    27: The Ninja Trinity
    28: Bram Stoker's Ninja
    29: The Ninja and the Vampire
    30: Ninja vs the Preternatural
    31: The Quick and the Ninja
    32: It's the Ninja, RUN!

    And my brain just ran dry...

  19. The Little Ninja Who Could. Or Closet Ninjas. Ninja Academy? or World of Ninjas: A documentary. hahaha Fun! Fun!

  20. Aaaaaaaaaaand the email address. Doh! authorkarenadair(at)gmail(dot)com

  21. Never Say Ninja
    Ninja Apocalypse 2: Hide-and-Go-NINJA!
    Teenage Mutant Ninjas with Pet Turtles

    Everyone's submissions are hilarious!

  22. I Fell in Love with a Ninja
    Honey, I Shrunk the Ninjas
    My Dad's a Ninja

  23. The Ninja Always Knocks Twice
    All Ninjas On Deck! (World War II ocean movie)
    Ninjas for Breakfast
    My Mommy, My Ninja (tearjerker, of course)
    Army-Ninja Football: Classic Games

    Katy M
    katyroo @ gmail . com
    Recommending YA books beyond the bestsellers at

  24. How about:
    4 Ninjas and a Funeral?

  25. My Best Friend's Ninja

  26. 33: My Best Friend's a Ninja
    34: Mission: Ninja
    35: The Ninja Identity
    36: The Thomas Ninja Affair
    37: The Ninja
    38: Ninja in Sixty Seconds
    39: Demigods and Ninja
    40: Xena: Warrior Ninja
    41: Fruit Ninja
    42: Ninja Wing
    43: Beast Ninja
    44: Ninja Machines
    45: Monty Python's Flying Ninja
    46: 2 and a half Ninja
    47: Magical Ninja Nanoha
    48: Interview with the Ninja
    49: Ninja May Cry
    50: Vampire Ninja
    51: Song of the Ninja
    52: Pretty Ninja Sailor Moon
    53: Ninja Activity
    54: Life and Times of the Rich and Ninja
    55: All the Ninja in California
    56: Scarlet Ninja
    57: Ninja's got a Gun
    58: Of Ninja and Man
    59: The Ninja of Storms
    60: Ninja on the Run
    61: Ninja me in Montana
    62: Runaway Ninja
    63: Ninja Allegiance
    64: Ninja Sacrifice
    65: Snow White Ninja

    (ok, I'll stop now even though I could keep going...)

  27. Cindy,
    Looks like you have alot of great suggestions. I will only add one for you :)
    "The Indomitable Doctor Woo and her 33 ninjas of fury"

  28. Farrelly Brothers theme:
    There's Something About Ninja
    Ninja and Ninja-er
    Ninja, Myself, and Irene

    Coen Brothers theme:
    No Country for Old Ninjas
    O Ninja, Where Art Thou?
    The Big Ninjbowski
    The Hudsucker Ninja
    The NinjaKillers

  29. Ninjacise (A complete body workout video)Sword included.

    This was such a great idea, I've been reading them all, some very creative peeps out there! Have fun!

  30. Night of the Living Ninjas
    Ninja v/s Zombie
    Ninja Games
    Dark Ninja
    Ninja Fury
    Pride and Ninjas
    The Ninjas Last Sacrifice
    The Ninja Finder

    lmao ok I'm done :)

    supagurlheather @ gmail . com

  31. Rise of the Ninja
    Teatime with Ninjas.
    I was a Teenage Ninja.
    The Ninjas Ate my Parents.
    Kunoichi: the Lady Ninja

  32. If the World Were Ruled by Ninja Cats!

  33. Suggested by Megan Mulry on Twitter (cuz the blogger site was freezing when she tried to add them):

    Eat Pray Ninja
    Ninjas are My Weakness
    When Ninja Met Sally
    Ninja, Actually
    Notting Hill Ninja
    You've Got Ninja
    Ninjas with Benefits
    Crazy Stupid Ninja
    A Ninja to Remember

  34. Ninjas are coming to town
    Romeo and Ninjas
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Ninjas
    Star Wars and the ninja Menace
    Cold Ninjas
    Percy Jackson and the Ninja Thief
    Despicable ninja
    Beauty and The Ninja
    Ninja Kid
    Karate Ninja
    Pretty Little Ninjas

    Hope you like them!!!

  35. *fires up her ipod*

    66: Ninja on a Rooftop
    67: Thank Ninja
    68: The Ninja of Summer
    69: Every Ninja in the World
    70: I'll Be Your Ninja
    71: Amish Ninja
    72: The Ninja of Uther
    73: Time for Ninja
    74: Ninja Wanna Rock
    75: Ninja Revelations
    76: Ninja Yourself Far Away
    77: Gotta Be Ninja
    78: Konya wa Ninja (There's a Ninja tonight)
    79: I Can Dream About Ninja
    80: Ninja ga ite Monogatari (Ninja Story)
    81: Time to Bring the Ninja
    82: Leave out All the Ninja
    83: Ninja Earth
    84: Ninja no Chouritsu (The Tune of Ninja)
    85: (Flesh & Blood) Ninja
    86: Ninja in the Jar
    87: Bad Ninja
    88: 18 Ninja
    89: The Hand that Ninja
    90: New York Ninja Disaster 1941
    91: Please Ninja Me (okay, cracking myself up now)
    92: Ninja in the Dark
    93: Becoming the Ninja
    94: Peaceful, Easy Ninja
    95: Make me Ninja Control
    96: Ninja Bartender
    97: Waking Ninja
    98: Don't Make Me Get My Ninja
    99: Real Ninja
    100: Ninja Shaped Box

  36. Bonnie Las Ninjas. (translation, Beautiful girl ninjas).

    Jennie Dede

  37. haha!! This is proper funny! :D

    Ninja does Barbie

    Maybe a little too porn-like LOL

    Ninja revenge
    Night Ninja
    Ninja in Love
    Return of the Ninja
    My Wife is a Ninja (not really lol)
    The Ninja Sacrifice

    That my lot! :)

  38. The Ninja Games
    Catching Ninjas

  39. Never-do-well Ninja
    Ninja in My Pocket
    Nookie with a Ninja
    In Jail with a Ninja
    Jah Ninja
    I Rolled a Ninja
    Ninja Under My Covers
    Freak me, Ninja
    Millionaire Hinja
    Big Ninja
    When will my Ninja come?
    A Ninja Knows Me
    All My Ninjas
    Ninja Lover
    Nanook Ninja
    Naughty Ninja
    A Ninja for Christmas
    Pocket Ninja

  40. I'm only gonna add one, coz this is getting cray-zay!! (Love it though!)

    Kamikaze Samurai Ninja

    (He'll kick your ass three ways til Sunday).

    katelliswrites (at) gmail (dot) com

  41. What a fantabulous idea, Cyndi! I see some awesome ones already, but when I read your tweet about this (pre-caffeine, mind you), the first utterly random thought that popped into my not quite awake yet mind was "Rise of the Ninja Dragons". :::chuckles:::

    Kinda makes me wonder what I was dreaming about that I don't remember that popped that random weirdness to the forefront. Hmmm...

    Anyway... Have fun everyone! Amusing, creative, & great titles up there! What a way to make your readers feel included & special, Cyndi! Kudos to you!

  42. From Glasgow he came, in his black kilt (or maybe his black tracksuit and sports socks!) smelling of Buckfast and a haggis supper - It's The Ginger Ninja xxx

  43. My one and only suggestion is. Midnight Shinobi



  45. The Dragon with a Ninja Tattoo


  46. Delta Force 3: Curse of the Ninjas, starring none other than Chuck Norris. (What's a Ninja movie w/o him?)

    LOVED reading all the comments & titles - HILARIOUS! :)

    georgiagreen73 AT gmail DOT com

  47. Teenage buttzombie Ninjas from space

  48. Samuel L. Jackson in:
    "Ninjas on a Plane"

  49. Okay I'll join in for the fun of it.

    Ninja, Sailor, Samurai, Spy

    P.S. I love a Ninja

    Requiem for a Ninja

    The Ninja with the Tiger Tattoo

  50. Oops email