Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Aiden!

Aiden MacRae was born on "the first of May in the year of our Lord 1699" so that makes today his 313th birthday. Wowza! And yet he looks 21. I need some of his face cream. LOL

Happy birthday, my sweet Scot, so kind and loving in spirit, yet so fierce and strong in protecting his loved ones.

*raises a glass*

*clears throat for the toast*

May yer sporrans always be fluffy
May yer quaich bowl ne'er run dry
May yer kilt still cover your bollocks
When the wind on the muirs blows high


Aiden's Angels love you!



  1. Oooo love the cake! Love the toast! Love Aiden and love to Cyndi for creating him!

  2. Happy birthday, Aiden! I do not believe I can toast as you do, Cyndi, for I am under the legal age for drinking in America. BUT, I'm going right along with you in spirit. Love you, Aiden!


  3. Hey! I found you on Harley Bear's blog on her post about New Adult fiction. I wanted to pop by and let you know that my writer friends and I started a group blog that promotes this type of fiction. It's called NA Alley! We launched on Monday. Just wanted to share this with you :D


  4. Aww, I missed Aiden's Birthday :( I'll toast him tonight with a glass of wine!

  5. Nex year, we totally have to make this cake.