Thursday, May 17, 2012

Damp But Happy in Edinburgh

We got a full measure of "Scottish sunshine" today in Edinburgh. The rain was constant and soaked into our bones by the end of the day. *shiver* The day started out a bit gloomy beyond the weather as well. When we first visited Edinburgh two years ago, we weren't able to visit Holyrood Palace. It was closed because some noble or other was there. So upon our return to this magnificent city, Holyrood was at the top of the list in things to see. And after we figured out the bus system, waited in the elements for it to arrive, and drove through the massive construction zones going on downtown, we made it to the beautiful palace at last.

Only to find out it was closed. Dang Lord so and so was in residence. *growls*
After a quick trip through the Scottish Parliament building, we ventured up High Street. And wouldn't you know it, but even with the rain coming down and the cold seeping through my windbreaker, the sight of kilts in shop windows lifted my mood. :)
We stopped in at a whisky shop and met a fabulous, passionate Scot who told us the proper way to pour Jura (the label must go against your palm as you pour or it's bad luck). He also told us the story of the last Campbell who finally left the island community, broke, on a white horse, and missing one eye... just as had been predicted by a young girl ages before (while being burned at the stake as a witch). He was fantastic. I could have hung out with him all day, grinning like a smitten schoolgirl. LOL
The other Edinburgh site I really wanted to take in was the Underground Tour at Mary King's Close. A tour guide took us through the dark streets under the city where residents lived in the 1600s and 1700s before they built over the narrow alleyways. Plague ripped through the dirty, cramped living spaces, killing the majority of the residents. The tour was entertaining, but it boggles my mind to think of families living in such miserable conditions. We are so truly blessed!
Technically, the wall carving above is outside the Scottish Parliament building, but I thought it was more appropriate here, in recognition of the life I enjoy as compared to the poor folk who suffered and died in Mary King's Close. *grateful*

We finished off the day by taking in a movie, which we rarely do back home. We saw The Avengers in 3D. It rocked! Chris Hemsworth is super hunky (and a front runner to play Aiden MacRae in the movie version of Between, based on the comments to my earlier blog post)!


  1. So sorry you missed out on Holyrood :( Maybe three's a charm?
    We have a couple of underground cities from days past. (As does Seattle) We toured one and found it hard to comprehend the how and why of it all. Like you said - boggles the mind.
    Hope the weather improves for you!

  2. Shame about holyrood - those dang lords eh? lol. Glad you got a good dose of scottish rain though - nothing like it is there:-) *hugs*

  3. You've literally just missed all the nice weather!!! It is so nice and sunny now, like proper summer! Don't know how long it's going to last for though! Love that you had a fab trip, the pics are amazing!

  4. Hope you enjoyed your UK trip. But too bad you aren't in Scotland now. The weather is scorching!!

  5. Sigh! Take me back. I can still smell Edinburgh.