Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last Day in the UK

We took the train from York to London, where we stayed one more night before catching a flight back home to Seattle. Since it was our last night in the UK, we splurged and stayed at a nice hotel, which offered the gorgeous view in the photo above.
We took a stroll through Hyde Park and I told hubs about how historical romance novels always have the gentry of the day riding or walking through London parks, to be seen in their finery. Since it was the last day of the trip, we were far from fine (in fact, my jeans were in a constant muddy state from the rain and the country walks), but the park did have a sweeping, romantic feel to it.
The next day, we got up, took the train to the airport and boarded a plane for home. Then we sat on that plane for two hours, deplaned because of what they thought was a broken toilet but turned out to be a cargo of fish that had leaked from an earlier flight. Ew. So after a four-hour delay, we were up in the air and touched down in Seattle about 8pm. Commence jet lag. LOL
Hyde Park with Lancaster London hotel in the background
I hope you enjoyed following along on our trip to England and Scotland! It's so much fun to share with others, and blogging about our travels helps me remember the trip as well (since I'm not getting any younger!).


  1. Welcome home! Thank you for a wonderful tour. I enjoyed every warm dry minute of it :)

    Get some rest!

  2. Loved all of your blogs. Thank you for sharing your trip :-) xxx

  3. It's good to hear you got home safely <3