Monday, December 12, 2011

Aiden's Angels' Super Sekrit Project Revealed!

If you've read Between, you've seen Aiden MacRae wield a claymore and sever an enemy's head from his neck. *shudders* You've also seen him be soft, caring for Lindsey as she mourns her death, and you've seen him be... er, sans kilt shall we say. hehehe

Ladies the world over have fallen for the soft and hard that is Aiden MacRae, so much so that they've teamed up to become Aiden's Angels.  Squee!!

The uber-fabulous Lindsay Cox from the Violet Hour Book Reviews, made us a team logo out of red ink, white clouds and angel dust. It's so beautiful, you should be careful when looking directly at it (not unlike the chest in the picture above). *fans self*

I love the logo so much, I wish I could adorn everything in my house with it. And here's where the super sekrit part comes in!

Lindsay put together a CafePress site where everyone can buy merchandise with the Aiden's Angels logo!

Holy cats, that's awesome!

So now you can have Aiden with you when you sip your coffee, snuggle up with your fave eReader, slam back a shot of whisky, or have him sliding down your chest as you're getting dressed in the morning.

Okay, I'll wait while you dream about that last one...


*checks watch*

*shakes you*

Aiden's Angels everywhere have been keeping this under wraps until today, where the blogosphere will get to join in our excitement. We're keeping prices rock bottom so everyone can enjoy Aiden's Angels goodies, so the prices listed are the minimum set by CafePress. Neither Lindsay nor I are getting any commissions on this. We just want to give you more ways to declare your love of the dimpled Scotsman.

A huge thanks to Lindsay for putting this together! And thanks to all of Aiden's Angels whose enthusiasm warms me like a shot of Macallan cask strength whisky. I love you guys!

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