Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hell Transporter Cover Made of Awesome!

In case you missed the reveal on Reading Angel's blog, here is the cover for Hell Transporter, the sequel to Between, due out in the spring. I love love love it!

(Blogger cuts off the right edge but I wanted to make it big enough for you to see. I wish there were a fit-to-frame option!)

Huge thanks to Dave at Woulds & Shoulds Editing and Design who created this cover made from sheer awesome. He's the same designer who made the cover for Between, and the continuity of the two is simply masterful.

And here is the book excerpt posted earlier, from the Hell Transporter's point of view:
My gaze locked onto the girl and a violent, lusty excitement soared in my chest. I would tear her apart, rip her limbs from her body and laugh as her blood soaked into the ground.

You will die tonight. Her whole body twitched and I knew she heard. The war cry that erupted behind me told me the Scot heard as well.

I crashed through the brush toward her. She didn’t move, just shivered like a mouse before the cat’s jaws, but her eyes grew larger than the moon as I bore down on her. She was making it too easy. She was taking the all fun out of it. Bitch.

Summoning the wind’s power, I flew forward with the speed of a raging fire and grasped the girl's hair in my talons, yanking her limp body up off the ground. I didn’t have time to savor her death. The Scot was raining down on me. No matter. One quick snap and she’d be dead. I wanted to see her eyes as she died, as the light dimmed from the inside out.

When she met my gaze, I froze.
You like? :) If you're excited to read Hell Transporter when it comes out in the spring, be sure to mark it as "to read" on Goodreads. You can also pick up the Aiden's Angels logo below to put on your blog!


  1. Ooh-this is gonna be good!

  2. What a fantastic cover, and wow! That excerpt gave me the shivers! I can hardly wait to read this!