Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just for Aiden's Angels

I can't get enough of the awesome people who call themselves Aiden's Angels, so I had to dedicate a special page just for them. Check out the fan art from these readers who love the kilted Highlander as much as I do!

From Lisa at the Cold Moon Violet Blog, My Little Pony versions of Aiden and Lindsey! The tartan on Aiden is the ancient MacRae pattern, which is a great choice since he's 300 years old. :) And I love the music notes on Lindsey, too!

Show your passion for Aiden MacRae and I'll post your creative expression on the page.

Need some inspiration? Here's one of my fave kilted pics, definitely worth posting again. :P

I love you, peeps! *hugs*


  1. that last pic literally stole my breath. i want to be on the next plane to Scotland. NOW.

  2. Finally, I understand why Scotland keeps calling me.

  3. LOL

    I think all male models should have to take shirtless kilt pictures. Kinda like the swimsuit competition, you know? hehehe