Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Deciding what's important

I've come across a few inspiring quotes from agents recently about doing what you love.

Rachelle Gardner with WordServe tells us we have to believe in ourselves and reminds us of God's greater purpose. It was just what I needed to hear today. "Believe you've been given this passion for a reason. Understand that you have to work to bring it to fruition - but you've also been given the energy and enthusiasm and time you need to make it happen. I believe it for you. I believe it for every single one of my clients. But you've got to believe it too. God gave you something powerful - a story or a message, and the desire to share it. God is not in the business of tricking people, or of squandering anything - not talent, not passion, not time. Pursue your God-given passions with an unwavering faith. Praise and bless the obstacles. And keep believing."

Jim McCarthy with Dystel & Goderich has these words of wisdom for the writer, which I thought particularly poignant. "If you think you can give up writing, then give it up. If you can't ... if you know that no matter how much stress or rejection or frustration you face, that you can never stop writing? In that case, never give up. Publishing is too hard to face if you aren't in it for the right reasons. But it's not too hard to break into if it's what you need to do."

Finally, Nathan Bransford with Curtis Brown has a Top 10 List that showcases his fantastic sense of humor but drives the point home. "Keep writing. Didn't find an agent? Keep writing. Book didn't sell? Keep writing. Book sold? Keep writing. OMG an asteroid is going to crash into Earth and enshroud the planet in ten feet of ash? Keep writing. People will need something to read in the resulting permanent winter."

Thanks to these and other agents who take time to remind us about what's important. Do you have some words of inspiration to share? I invite you to do so in the comments section!


  1. I love Nathan Bransford. Can't help but follow his blog. Nice job so far. Never read your book before, but it does sound interesting so far. Maybe I'll give it a go later.:)

  2. Thanks, Melanie! You are officially the first follower of this blog so you deserve a prize. Virtual hug will have to do. :)

    I love Nathan as well. He has a wonderful sense of humor that really shines.

    I'd love your thoughts on Between when you get a chance to check it out!

  3. Ooh, any other prizes going?

    I like the nice clean look of your blog, and of course I too admire Nathan Bransford...

  4. Lexi- hmmm... I will have to give that some thought. Suggestions?

    Thanks for becoming a follower of the blog. Glad to have you here!