Monday, June 21, 2010

God's business vs. My business

On Sunday morning during a prayer, the pastor thanked the Lord for our church being 'about God's business' and the phrase really stuck with me. I should be a person who is about God's business, but the majority of my time and energy is about my business. It's all about me, to be honest. My book, my efforts to get published (including every social media outlet I can find), my kids, my house, my job, my relationships...

I am the center of my universe. No wonder it's so exasperating! :)

I wonder what life would look like if I were truly 'about God's business' rather than thinking that my business is so all-important. New perspectives can be powerful paradigm shifts!


  1. Ooh, I have to comment, this one is up my alley. BTW, see how amazing links on twitter are?:)

    Gods Business Vs. Your Business. In this day and age, there are a lot of us that don't even stop and think about this. It's all about 'me' and everything I need or want. Many times if God's involved it's because its along the lines of 'Please god, let me get published already!'

    Not everything has to be about Him, but stopping for a bit will really help anyone see. I go to church every Sunday and give my creator a good two hours of my day. Being able to say 'okay, it's all about you for a bit. I'm taking the easy road, whatever happens today happens' takes some pressure off the mind. No worrying, no promoting, just...being. It's an amazing feeling.

    God wants us to help ourselves though, so don't stop getting after it.:) He doesn't want everyone to worship Him 24/7, He wants us to live our life and just remember Him. He wants us to be happy, but he can't do everything for us. Just like mothers with our children, we can't do everything, they have to learn themselves.

    Be kind, be faithful, believe in Him and yourself, and in a strange way you'll be about his business and yours.:)

  2. Thanks for your comment, Melanie! :) I agree that we have to go after what we want and help ourselves. I just need to view "what I want" through a more godly lens sometimes. ;)

    I love your last sentence. It's a great wrap-up to the post!


  3. It is so easy to start letting things revolve around us, isn't it? Even though I know God's called me to write at this point in my life, I can still shift the focus in my writing to myself instead of him pretty easily!