Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Time to Celebrate!

No, I haven't gotten an agent (yet) and I don't have a big publishing contract to get excited about, but I figure, why wait? Today is worth celebrating and here's why (in no particular order):

1. There is blue sky right now in Seattle. I swear, it's true!
2. I have hot coffee in my mug.
3. My family loves me.
4. The book I finished last night made me tear up a little.
5. Jody Hedlund became a follower of the blog!
6. Noah's Bagels are yummy.
7. I am healthy (don't even have the sniffles!).
8. God is in control of this crazy life so I don't have to sweat it.
9. YOU are reading this post, which makes me exceedingly happy.
10. People are jogging outside my window. They're fun to watch. :)

Today's song selection is from Plus One:
"If you need love, take the time and be love. Breathe it out, create love. See how things can turn."

What's your reason to celebrate today? C'mon, you know there's at least one!


  1. Reasons to celebrate today?

    1. Well I realize I stumbled on a fantastic book I haven't put down yet.

    2. Nick JR. is actually preoccupying my toddler so I can work. That never happens.

    3.My daughter isn't sick anymore!

  2. I have so many reason to celebrate!! Here are just a few:

    1)Blue skies! (on my list as well)
    2)Being a "Mrs"
    3)Having a friend like you!!

  3. Hi,

    1) It's great to be alive!

    2) I received an unusual blog award.

    It's up for grabs to other "romance writers" but not a pass-a-long type blog award: one has to abide by the rules of acceptance! Everyone -feel free to check it out.

    3) Made hay today: fodder.

    4) last night finished novel No 3 - No 1 started early December.

    The only downside - if I let it be that - waiting on replies to two subs at HM&B.


  4. 11. Sue, the phatom follower, loves you too. :) And, you can eat chicken with your fingers. Oh wait, you don't like bones.